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I'm a Digital Marketer and Event Organizer with 4+ years of experience turned Data Analyst and Data Engineer to fulfill the urgent need of data-driven solutions.


I'm a self-starter with an international profile eager to continuously improve in my work and life. I burn for data-driven marketing and product develop-ment, static site generators and agile teams.

  • Fullname: Sebastian Friedrich Engels
  • Birth Date: October 29, 1989 only days before the Berlin Wall fell
  • Job: Data Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist
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With a strong affinity to technology and entrepreneurial ventures I sought to build up a broad spectrum across interpersonal, design, language, business and tech skills.

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6 years of event and marketing experience in two of the most cutting-edge organizations in Europe and North America.

In a time where employment has become a volatile thing, I have found a way to thrive in different environments and change the nature of work relationships over time. Starting out at one of the largest pride and community organizations in Europe, my position as a Marketing Assistant over the years turned into a Social Media Specialist position and, due to my long-term residences in the UK and United States, I was later offered a freelance activity as a German-English translator for the organization.

In what has become an increasingly global world I took every chance to get educated in different cultures, such as a High School year in Japan, Work and Travel in the UK or my Master Degree in the United States. These experiences have uniquely equipped me with a mind-set for cultural understanding and a vast complex of resources to pull creative solutions from. I like to see myself as a cultural chameleon: the politeness of a Japanese, the work-ethic of an American, the diligence of a British and the honesty of a German and now the friendliness of a Canadian. Three continents and five countries later I can, without a doubt, say, I’m a truly globalized person and I love it.

Coming to the United States I started working for the original artist-led entrepreneurial record label Righteous Babe and the incorporated music venue Babeville. Working as an intern over the summer and being hired as a Marketing and Event Specialist shortly after, I was responsible for the visual presentation of the venue and several music products. Other responsibilities included advancing shows, settling with the artists, controlling audience flow or setting up ad campaigns.

Early on in my childhood I had played around with computers and to this day, my family tells the story of me at age 4 and how I managed to crash a computer into the infamous blue screen. Well, since then I have taught myself to code in multiple front and back end languages, incl. Javascript (ReactJS & Redux), HTML/CSS, Python (Flask), and have taken Adobe Certifications in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. As a result, I designed concert posters, edited live music videos for Ani DiFranco and managed the venue’s Wordpress website.

As a result of my having to leave Righteous Babe Records due to an immigration restriction (as an exchange Student I would need to return to Germany for two years before being able to apply for a work permit in the US), I had the freedom to create my own venture. My co-founded tech and design company operates under the name of Owl & Squirrel Studio and creates whimsical web apps that manage to communicate brand goals subtly in a mobile-friendly environment. As we are about to finish our first project, I embark on a new journey in Canada, understanding a new way of living in-between freelance career and employment.

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Work Experience

Growth Marketer

Feb 2018 - Present

I spun up the metrics program to allow for deeper insights and more flexibility using a data warehouse and other tools. I also took on running weekly metrics meetings to share user/behavior insights with the team to achieve implementations of data-driven solutions in Marketing and Product Development.

CEO, Co-Founder

Jan 2017 - Present

Owl & Squirrel Studio

I co-founded this boutique design and software agency that creates light-weight web and mobile app solutions to target a market that needs entertaining solutions that communicate their brand's message. We're here to create whimsical apps that can provide great brand communication, fast.

Marketing & Event Specialist

Jun 2015 - Dec 2016

Store Manager (interim)

Nov 2016 - Dec 2016

Digital Marketing Specialist

Aug 2015 - Dec 2016

Summer Intern

Jun 2015 - Jul 2015

Righteous Babe Records

Scheduling and monitoring of digital marketing activities (incl. Social Media, Video and Website). Righteous Babe Records had a need for modern monitoring tools and updated digital marketing assets. In my time there I implemented regular analytical reports for all digital marketing activities to generate insights and fine-tune where our budget spending. I also created a new system of automating scheduled posts connecting it with other general planning tools and with my help the website received a new face making it more marketable and generating increased traffic. After leaving Righteous Babe Records, I'm still in close contact with the team and provide general consultant work related to data analytics and digital assets.

Marketing & Event Assistant

Dec 2012 - Jul 2014

Event Assistant

Apr 2013 - Jul 2014

Marketing Assistant

Dec 2012 - Jul 2014

Berlin Pride

Starting at Berlin Pride I introduced a new event element at the Finale of the Parade. A kids' friendly corner and lounge invited guests, visitors and protesters to recharge and relax. This included acquisition and organization of 20+ volunteers, funding from sponsors as well as communication with other stakeholders (in and outside the organization). Worked with 45 Pride organizations to pull together content for the annual nationwide Pride Publication.

Job Fair Coordinator

May 2011 - Jan 2012


Led organizational team for student job fair, the largest student operated project at University of Potsdam.


Arts Management M.A. Degree

August 2014 - May 2016

University at Buffalo

GPA 3.94 - Buffalo, NY, USA

Business / Marketing B.Sc. Degree

October 2010 - August 2014

University of Potdam

GPA 4.0 - Postdam, Brandenburg, Germany

Where to find me

Hermsdorfer Damm 84
13467 Berlin

105 Ashland Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14222

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Int. Number: +1 (716) 844-6991
Germany: (+49) 157 565-34-634